1 Wildcat
2 Bells for Marcel
3 Saint Louis Waltz
4 Rio de Janeiro
5 I'll never sing another song
6 Velzoe's garden
7 Sparrow
8 Lady Pamela
9 Castles in the sand
10 Aftershock
11 Owl's psalm
12 The journeyman

Bells for Marcel
Avec l'aimable autorisation de Muriel Anderson

I was awakened early in the morning by a phone call. It was Chet Atkins calling -in every distressed voice he asked if I knew what flight his good friend Marcel Dadi had taken back to Paris. Marcel has come to Nashville to play guitar at the Chet Atkins Appeciation Society convention and to be honored by having his name added to the Country Hall of Fame walkway stars. I'd seen Marcel only a few day prior, and since I had recently performed in France, I offered to change his American money to French francs before he left so he wouldn't have to exchange it at the bank. He thanked me and replied, "No, I won't need them." I didn't know just how true those words woud be. TWA flight 800 to Paris had just crashed in the waters outside of New York. I was one of many to wite music in tribute to the late Marcel Dadi. Fellow guitarist Jean-Félix lalanne collected short vidéos of these tunes to play at a concert in Paris to raise money for Marcel's family. During a few minutes I had to record the tune I'd written, chuch bells started ringing. I thought the tape was ruined until I realized that the bells were in time and in tune with each note of the piece until I hit the last chord and the last church bell chimed. Some time later Mel Bay publishers compiled a book of these tunes. A friend found a recording of me playing my tune, so i relearned it - together with some of the church bell parts - and now I call it "Bells for Marcel".

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Musique Muriel Anderson - Pochette: Bruno Boussard

photo de la pochette: Tommy Emmanuel