Wires to the wood

Thom bresh 1 Mr. Guitar, my friend (Thom Bresh)
2 Wasn't he a dandy (Thom Bresh)
3 Bar-B-que (Thom Bresh & Merle Travis)
4 Long lost John (traditionnal)
5 Christian & Nicole (Thom Bresh)
6 Happy again (Chet Atkins)
7 Buster upper (Thom Bresh)
8 Midnight (Thom Bresh)
9 Janet's planet (Thom Bresh)
10 Me & ole Paul (Paul Craft &Thom Bresh)
11 Wires to the wood (Thom Bresh)
12 Mira MacGuire (Thom Bresh)
13 Take another swing at me (Paul Craft)
14 Marcel's thumb (Thom Bresh)
15 Muhlenberg moon (Thom Bresh)
16 My brother Thom (Marcel Dadi)
17 Heather's hideaway (Thom Bresh)
18 Cold cold heart (Hank Williams)
19 Clawin'(jerry Reed)
20 diana (Thom Bresh)

14 Marcel's thumb (Thom Bresh)
This song was originally written and given the name "Thom's Thumb". When Marcel Dadi heard it, he asked if I would change the title to "Marcel's Thumb" in his honor. I patiently explained to Marcel that the title was a play on words to a nursery rhyme, but that maybe I could say it in french and asked him what the french word for thumb was. Happily he replied, "La pousse!" Well, I told him there was NO WAY I was going to change the name of this song to "Marcel's Pousse!" So we scrapped that the whole idea and finally decided to call it "The Circle of Dadi." Now that he passed on, I felt obliged to rename and record it as "Marcel's Thumb,"... but only in English

16 My brother Thom (Marcel Dadi)
My dear departed french friend, Marcel Dadi, was proud to play me a new song he had just written in my honor. He told me as soon as he got back to France, he was going to record it for is new album. Due to the tragedy of flight 800, it will never be recorded by Marcel. But thanks to a couple of home videos, I was able to learn it and include it here. Marcel, if you can hear this, I hope you like my arrangement...and merci.

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